Trent’s Corporate Sponsors

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With over 100 performances in a little over 40 weekends, Trent will perform in front of over 300,000 people. Trent is responsible for approximately 30 minutes worth of entertainment through out the shows, as well as interacting with the crowd.  Which means he could be exposing your company with logos on his apparel.

He will travel over 50,000 miles with his schedule.  That means he will be pulling his mobile billboard with your company logo all over the country.

Trent strongly believes in showing appreciation to the fans that support our industry. He is found signing autographs at a designated area after every show. These autograph sheets not only have a picture of Trent performing but also list the sponsors that support Trent. These Autograph sheets often get framed as a keep sake in people’s homes. With your company logo on the sheets it guaranties getting your product in the homes and lives of thousands of people a year.  This provides a huge opportunity to promote your product directly to your target audience.

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